Aquakote Product Information

The Aquakote coating is a liquid adhesive by design and as such will adhere well to a variety of surfaces / substrates. It also exhibits good overall resistance to chemicals both acidic and alkaline.

In simple terms Aquakote binds any existing coating and corroded surfaces together to give a solid epoxide film that is largely unaffected by anything.

Where can it be used?

The primary use for Aquakote was initially in potable water tank refurbishment. As the potential of Aquakote has become more apparent across the construction industry, it is now used across many areas, including cooling towers and for pipe & steelwork refurbishment. There are endless other areas where the surface tolerant nature of this coating is a distinct advantage.

What are the benefits?

Minimum preparation - some re-coating projects involve disturbing lead based materials. Some are in sensitive areas where contamination of surrounding areas during conventional coating preparation methods such as gritblasting is just not an option. Aquakote is a product that thrives on the poor surface.

Solvent-free - Aquakote can confidently state that you will not find a solvent free product that is so user friendly and works.

Independently tested - it has been independently tested by a major oil company and showed phenomenal adhesion results in the most severe application environments.

WRAS Approved - you can download our WRAS approval confirmation here.

How easy is it to apply?

The colour-coded application of Aquakote ensures that it is almost impossible not to achieve 2 coats everywhere. It is essential that any applied coating is free from pinholes and differentiating between coat colours is a simple but effective way to ensure applicator confidence to this effect.

You can read more about the simple Aquakote application process, and download Application and Coverage guides.